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“Do you understand what you are reading?” And he said, “How can I, unless someone guides me.” (acts 8:30-31)

Do you want to read the Bible, but you don’t always understand what is going on? Then this lecture series is designed for you! The lessons will give an overview of the Bible story, allowing you to read any part of the Bible and have a basic understanding of what is happening in the narrative.

Topics will include:

  • Foundation for Understanding the Bible (Genesis)

  • God Delivers, God Saves (Exodus – Joshua)

  • Sin Never Seems to Stop (Judges – Chronicles)

  • Hope, God and Our Emotions (Poetry, Prophecy and Ezra – Esther)

  • Salvation is Finally Available (4 Gospels – Acts 2)

  • Real life Instructions for God’s People (Acts, and Letters)


bible study Plans for 2019!

Looking for a focused study on the "big-picture" of the Bible that also promotes good Bible reading and studying skills?

This is a series on Sundays AND Wednesdays with the church, Christians in Boston, that intends to take us through the whole Bible, beginning with Genesis. We are currently studying through the New Testament. You'll find yourself asking questions about the Bible in new ways, getting simple straightforward answers, and learning from everyone who comes ready to jump into this study together!

We're a relaxed, comfortable group who wants to take the Bible seriously, and we want very much to encourage serious faith in action.

Bring a Bible--or grab one we provide--and join in!


About Christians in Boston

Belonging to the One who made us and purchased us with the precious life of His Son, Jesus the Christ, we join together as a church committed to glorifying God, supporting each other, serving all peoples through the gospel, and living joyfully because of His grace.

Expect straightforward. Expect reasonable. Expect genuine.

Goals for our worship and our interaction in the Scriptures: to be pleasing to God and beneficial to each other.



Learn about the Bible. Join the discussion. Discover God’s will. Ask meaningful questions. Revisit familiar passages. 

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