We often hear from people who want to "get serious" about their Bible study.  Well, we want to take Bible study seriously, too!  It's with that thought that we've designed our Bible classes on Sundays and Wednesdays.  More than a simple meeting to read and discuss the Bible, each student is expected to "do their homework": follow a reading plan and prepare answers to practical, engaging questions for each section of Scripture.  Each class is designed to be thorough but fast-paced to unfold the whole Bible story as we go along. Interested?  Come to classes on Sunday and Wednesday, and get ready to learn and grow!  Contact us for a copy of the reading plan or for more information.

WORSHIP service

Worshipping our Creator is an honor and privilege that we share together as a church on Sunday. Shortly after our Bible classes, we begin a period of prayer and praise to God. Each Sunday we also share in remembering the death of Christ Jesus in the Lord’s supper. We then take opportunity to share in a lesson taught from the Bible.

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10 - 10:50 am - Adult, Children, & Spanish Bible classes

11 - 12 noon - Worship Assembly (Spanish translation available)


7 - 8 pm - Adult Bible class


Meeting At:

Hotel 140, Kuumba Room
140 Clarendon Street
Boston, MA 02116


Metered parking is available nearby and is free on Sundays. Parking garages are also nearby, and we'd recommend the garage across the street at 135 Clarendon Street.  Find that garage entrance on the right side of Stuart Street just past Clarendon Street.

Via The MBTA: 

Hotel 140 is easily accessed by: 
-The Orange Line (Back Bay Station)
-The Green Line (Copley Station)